About us

Welcome to Pukka PJs, home to a gorgeous collection of unique, pure cotton nighties, robes and pyjamas made by hand in partnership with small handicraft enterprises in India. We offer sleepwear which is not only fabulous but also has a story to tell. Our designs have a provenance that values human creativity and imagination over mechanised mass production and is committed to safeguarding traditional craftsmanship. Our hand-printed and hand-embroidered fabrics have been created by human hands, are unique - yet affordable - and reflect generations of skill, culture and tradition.

The textile industry in India has traditionally been a male domain. However, education and creative passion are increasing opportunities for women. We are extremely proud to support this generation of trailblazers, many of whom are creating social enterprises to provide opportunities to those experiencing hardship.

Our PJs reflect our founder's heritage. India was her father's boyhood home and she first visited India when she was six months old. Her English mother has had a love affair with Indian textiles and design all her married life and this has greatly influenced her own sense of style. It’s only proper then that our fabrics are made where generations have derived their livelihood from turning the beautiful patterns and colours of hand block printing and embroidery into exquisite textiles. While designing and choosing our own prints, we have endeavoured to marry tradition with modern aesthetics. We hope you love them!

While pyjamas are hardly the bricks and mortar of our clothing wardrobe, they nurture relaxation and breathe a calm glow into our downtime. They are our soft place to fall into when we come home, and embody a warm familiarity which harks back to the nostalgia of childhood. Regardless of where we are, they are a hug from home. 

What’s in our name?  The three-hundred-year colonisation of India by the British greatly enhanced the richness of the English lexicon with many Indian words seeping into common English usage. ‘Pukka’ is of Hindi and Urdu origin, meaning ‘permanent’, 'outstanding', 'excellent' and 'genuine’. In British usage, it means ‘proper’ or simply ‘the real deal’. In North American usage it is equivalent to 'the real McCoy'.

Do you know that the word pyjama (pajama) also has Indian origins? It was incorporated into English through the Bengali ‘pajāmā’, itself from the Persian ‘pāy-jāmeh’ (which literally means ‘leg-garment’).

Hence the inspiration for our name: our pyjamas are ‘proudly proper’ - sustainable natural fibres, beautiful soft fabrics, loose fitting and comfortable.

At Pukka PJs we strive our very best to: 

  • Exhibit honesty, transparency and integrity in all our dealings with employees, customers and suppliers;
  • Provide high quality products to our customers at an affordable price; one which reflects the true worth of those items and safeguards an enduring culture which is based on traditional handicraft methods and artisans' skills;
  • Work collaboratively with our supply partners to create beautiful products at a price which rewards workers fairly for their endeavours and provides them with secure and safe employment;
  • Keep your personal information confidential;
  • Respond to enquiries in a prompt, effective and courteous manner;
  • Resolve issues efficiently and fairly.